Hey Crafters!

Craft beer export service

Hey Crafters!

We think craft beer & kombucha deserves to get out there and conquer the world.

It’s about quality equipment & know-how.

Ask us, we are your Ninjas!

Latest tricks

New products and pro tips – all the fun we are in is updated to our blog. But if you really want to get the Ninja life – just follow us on social media and get the real feel!

Our Services

For breweries

      • Brewery Design & Start-up Consultancy
      • Ninja Brewhouse Systems
      • Fermentation Tanks & Hopping Devices
      • Inline Carbonation Systems
      • Keg & Canning Line Systems
      • Brewery Management & Support Services
      • Energy Efficiency Systems & Development
      • Mobile Canning Service (Finland TBA)

For Retail / Supermarkets

      • Craft Beverage Selection & Testing
      • Consumer Research
      • Beverage In-Store Presentation
      • Importing & Distribution / Craft Beer & Kombucha¬†

For Taprooms and restaurants

      • Cellar Control beer line management
      • Beer line cleaning solutions
      • Craft beer sales (Finland)
      • Marketing, events and increasing tap sales
      • Draught Tap & Cooling solutions

Keep on crafting. We handle the rest!

Who are the ninjas?

We know craft beer – and we know how to equip you. With love and passion we deliver to all over Nordics & Europe!

Ninja mission
Ninja mission
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