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Pro filling cans for beer & kombucha…

Small batch Canning Made Easy!

Alpha 25cpm Compas Compact Can Filler is handcrafted to order from the USA

The Compass delivers the same precision, energy saving, quiet performance, and incredibly low dissolved oxygen outcomes you’ve come to expect from Alpha canning equipment. It’s time to pack a Compass, or get lost.

Canning is affordable

Contact us for pricing, you will be surprised

25cpm Compass Compact

Take everything they have proven about the Beer Cannon, shrink the footprint and price tag even more and you have the most powerful entry-level canning system in the industry. At up to 25 cans/min you can package at higher throughput and at a lower price tag than other entry-level canners offer! That’s ROI. That’s profitability.

Low Budget, not a problem we got you covered!

Pro canning at a lower output!

Benefits of our Canning

Less wastage of beer – can at higher temperatures 

Improve quality and TPO levels – happier brewer / customers

Effective time-usage – less working hours spent

Modern technology – under can dating / ion rinser / labelling

Less wastage of beer – can higher carbonation

Quality sales – no more stale beer = happy customers

High output –  Alpha can run up to 100 cans per minute

Quality Into The Can  /  Quality Out of The Can

Technology to Can your Passion

Small Footprint, Easy to use