Brewery Equipment

Are you looking for high quality, efficient and well designed brewhouse and fermentation tanks

Brewery Equipment

All Ninja Systems come with an exclusive 5-year guarantee, common who offers this!

How does it work?

Brewery Ninjas works closely with our manufacturing partner and we are now able to deliver to our customers Brewery system sizes from 200L to 2000L.

We can also supply Fermentation and Bright Tanks of all sizes.

Ninja Systems

World first Kombucha Brew kits & Fermentation vessels

We know the Kombucha process inside out, if you want a professional and reliable supplier, which is key to the product design, development, manufacturing, marketing as well as after-sales service. 

Product information

1. Use of stainless steel made by the best-known stainless steel manufacturers.
2. Use of Alfa Laval subsidiary brand pump (ABB motor), branded SIEMENS motor, and ABB SIEMENS.
3. Polishing standards are of the highest standard for brewing, 0.4um, mirror polishing treatment.
4. Pipelines of brewhouse system are all stainless steel 304 pipes stainless steel
5. CIP tank insulation is more safe, that can prevent workers from being scalded. Automatic temperature controlling system to control temperature, self powering off system prevents the electric heating coil from dry heating.
6. Control system uses electric brands of Schneider, Omron, Danfoss frequency converter which ensure the stable running of the whole system and no downtime.
7. Steam solenoid valve, solenoid valves for fermenters from BURKERT.
8. Brewhouse system adopts German IFM brand temperature sensor, Flowmeter, liquid level meter, etc.
9. All ancillary equipment uses quality steel plate, components that lower the rate of anything going wrong. This increases the working efficiency and save costs.
10. Exclusive EU Warranty period of 60 month (All tanks are guaranteed for 5 years, and all auxiliary equipment are guaranteed for 2 years)

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