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We carefully select our breweries based on a number of factors, for us it’s not about Untappd ratings or someone who doesn’t like a particular style.

All breweries are inspected and checked off, we ensure these guys know what they are doing!

Get to know our breweries and their portfolio!

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Committed to making delicious 100% fruit-forward Modern Sours in the heart of Scotlands freshest water in the world.

“Most popular beer Strawberry Skies, Scottish strawberries, Madagascan vanilla and hibiscus flower combine for a strawberries & cream sour beer experience.”

The piggy brewing company

The Piggy philosophy reflects really our personnality traits meaning jolly, epicurians people, enjoying partying as much as tasting a beer with professional standards.

“When the 130kg lads say something, the 60kg ones listen.”

Tempest brewing Co.

Small CRAFTY brewery based in the Scottish Borders, creating fresh, innovative beers that we all love to drink.

“No gimmicks. Beer made to be drunk! This ideology extends beyond just styles and concepts; we want to drink exceptional beer that’s been given the maximum respect and reverence at every stage.”

Mad finn brewing co.

Mad Finn Brewing company concentrates brewing special small batches of beer with highest ingredients. 

“We are madly in love with beer. Our mission is to bring a concept brewery that will be known for representing the culture and people of Finland.”

Reketye Brewing co.

Our brewery was established in 2014 and it has been part of our life ever since. Constant learning and progression, that will hopefully never stop. 

“As we also stick to the classic values in beer, but we are never afraid to toy around now and then, with some craziness.”

Cerveja Oitava Colina

Born in 2015 to produce the beers they wanted to drink, always with a focus on quality. The factory is setup in the Graça neighborhood in Lisbon and from there they embarked on a mission to change beer consumption in Portugal

Under the motto “Beer never sleeps”

Dois Corvos Cerveja

The ideas, inspirations, innovation, and passion for the beers they create come from brewers. When brewers run the place, good things happen.

“Honest and genuine craft beers”


Founded in 2016 to bring incredible craft beer to the music festivals blossoming on Croatia’s shimmering Adriatic Coast, the beers are brewed for the experiences that bring us together.

“From summer thirst-quenchers and fruit sours, to an experimental range, the beers are brewed with creativity, innovation and a passion for experimentation.”

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