The ninjas venture to the middle south of Finland in a town called Seinäjoki

Lakeuden panimojuhlat 2020, Seinäjoki

It was an excellent festival totally packed as if people have not seen Craft Beer before!! I was like “WHAT THE HELL”

Visiting Mallaskuun Panimo

Anyway, before attending the festival, we ventured to Mallaskuun Panimo in Lapua to see what was going on in this little brewery. These guys are crafting up some old fashion traditional beers of smokey ales to malty pilsners. Mosaic IPA is a hit!! We have a small video of the brewery, thanks guys!


We turned up to the festival and immediately started to mingle to see what was going on here, god I hate free beer, life sux hahah.

Beer festivals - Brewery Ninjas
Beer festivals - Brewery Ninjas

Our partner Tanker Brewery from Estonia was there steering the ship and showing off all their goodies.

Meet with the great guys from Linden which is based out Rauma, talked some real interesting stuff over a few beers.

Overall the festival had some 18 breweries attend with a lot having many differing beer styles. So it was a great mix up!

See you at 2021 Lakeuden Panimojuhlat!

Lakeuden panimojuhlat